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Bryan Whiteley  

Bryan Whiteley trained at Ipswich and Camberwell Schools of Art, studying Fine Art painting and printmaking. His early influences were Cezanne and Braque and he made few attempts to paint figuratively, preferring the order of straight lines, shallow space and the interaction of colour. Complete abstraction followed and the patterned lines of the image were stacked, made circular, folded and spiralled. The pictures were shaped, emblematic and spatially ambiguous. Eventually abstraction gave way to more figurative images that are a synthesis of memories, rather than portraits of actual places, using a mix of non-art materials. Since retiring he has turned to relief printmaking. He loves the art of engraving, the chance effects and the whole mechanical process. Through tracing his Suffolk roots he has been drawn to landscape and the expression of the force of nature through colour, light and texture and has experimented with mono-printing, collagraphs, lino, woodcuts, screen prints and the use of MDF board.

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Aldeburgh Beach

mbg/Bryan Whiteley Aldeburgh Beach

acrylic on canvas

Milford Sound 

mbg/Bryan Whiteley Milford Sound

acrylic on canvas


mbg/Bryan Whiteley Hayfield



mbg/Bryan Whiteley Autumn


Ranks Green

mbg/Bryan Whiteley Ranks Green



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