Members Gallery - Christine Woodman


Christine Woodman

The paintings in oil and acrylic are a natural progression from my earlier botanical work in watercolour.  I found myself drawn to places where organic growth collides with elemental forces and plants adapt to survive and flourish under inhospitable conditions.

More work can be seen on the 2d3d website and I can be contacted at [email protected]



Nutmeg and Flint

 mbg/Christine Woodman Nutmeg and Flint


Binning Last Year's Muse

mbg/Christine Woodman/Binning Last Years Muse


Harwich Beach After a Squall

mbg/Christine Woodman/Harwich Beach after a Squall


 Tropaeolum Empress of India

mbg Christine Woodman/Tropaeolum Emp of India 2

 Iris Indian Ceramics

mbg/Christine Woodman/iris Indian Ceramics

 Passiflora Cearulea

mbg Christine Woodman/Passiflora Cearulea