Members Gallery - David Welham

David Welham
I use oil, acrylic, watercolour or pastel - whatever my chosen subject and my mood suggest. Changing from one medium to another is refreshing.
In the past, I have painted a lot of landscapes, inceasingly expressionist: but, of late, I have focused on portraits and figures. My latest venture is a series depicting figures on Clacton beach in the late fifties, or,occasionally, in the early thirties. I began the series in oil, but the more recent pictures have been watercolour.
The gallery begins with a portrait of my wife - obviously a wise choice! Then follow three Clacton scenes.
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 "A Model Wife" 
Watercolour -  12 " x 16 "
"Clacton 1959 -  Bill and Phil" 
 Oil - 16 " x 16"
 "Clacton 1959 - Dulcie Pays a Visit"  
Watercolour - 15" x 15 "
"Clacton 1959 - Together with Joan"  
Watercolour - 15 " x 15 "