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A Clear View of Ska Fell - Pen, Ink & Colourwash 2011mbg/sara napoletani a clear view 

Sara E Napoletani 

Mixed Media Artist





 I am primarily a mixed media artist and studied Art at The School of Art and Design in Colchester from 2000 - 2003.  As well as painting, drawing, photographic work and digital manipulation, I have always written poetry and feel this often goes hand in hand with my art.

  I was born in Southport, Lancashire, but live in East Anglia now.  My inspiration comes from The Yorkshire Dales and I have to have my fix of the mountains and wild landscapes of the Lake District, where I stay in an old stone farm, which often features in my work!

  I am a painter who likes to work with mixed media.  I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and re-booting traditional techniques with new ideas and concepts of my own, generated through progressive painting and drawing skills, of which I am developing all the time.

 I tend to work with a lot of spontaneity and ebullience when I have discovered a particular style within the restraints of the medium. Through experimentation, I find that my style is evolving all the time in certain areas of my art.

  I think my work is quite ethereal, spiritual.

 Poetry and art are inspired by the romantic and spiritual earthly landscapes, the atmosphere and feelings they conjure up excites me.

My above website has further information

about my work and what I'm currently working on.


Dawn Over Darrowby - Pen, Ink & Colourwash 2011mbg/sara napoletani Dawn over Darrowby original 
   Great Oaks Tower Over Wincop - Pen, Ink & Colourwash 2011
First Frost in the Garden of Boulders - Pen, Ink & Colourwash 2011mbg/sara napoletani First Frost original mbg/sara napoletani Great Oaks Tower original 
  Red Gas Bottles at Wincop - Pen, Ink & Colourwash 2011
First Lights go on at Dusk - Pen, Ink & Colourwash mbg/sara napoletani Lights Go On original mbg/sara napoletani Red Gas Bottles original