Homeland, Acrylic on canvas board, 62 x 62 cm


Storm Force, Acrylic on canvas board, 62 x 62 cm


Rhapsody, Acrylic on heavy paper, 70 x 70 cm


Ken Kempley

Born in the Peak District and now living in East Anglia, ken is a prolific self taught artist known for his paintings of landscapes, seascapes, moors and wetlands.

Working predominantly in acrylic and watercolour Ken strips away geographical references to create drama and atmosphere, allowing the viewer a sense of connection with the subject and that barren beauty found in remote locations.

Turner, Hambling and Castagnet never fail to inspire and rank high in Ken’s favourite artists.

Several prestigious galleries in London and the South East exhibit Ken’s paintings as do private collections in USA, South Africa, Norway and UK.