Moonlit Beach, Oils, 62 x 52 cm


Wild Seas, Oils, 40 x 30 cm


Tides Out, Acrylic, 76 x 52 cm


Rape Fields, Beaumont, Oils, 52 x 46 cm


Maggie Murphy

I have been a member of CAS for many years. I paint in most mediums and I enjoy painting landscapes, still life and portraits. I have painted ever since childhood and was encouraged throughout High school by Ken Smith, my art teacher.

I exhibit at the Twizzle Gallery, Titchmarsh Marina, Walton on the Naze; the Naze Tower; Caxton book shop, Frinton-on-Sea; Westcliff Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea and Clacton Library. I have also exhibited at an event hosted by Colin Kirby-Green in Brightlingsea.

I have sold many paintings over time and can proudly say that there are now examples of my work in many overseas countries.

I can be contacted through CAS and the Twizzle gallery or via email.