you are here, Vinyl, 609 x 152 cm


its all over, Wooden board 32 x 194 x 0.5 cm


DO NOT STAND AROUND HERE, Vinyl, 15 x 500 cm


Stop, Masking tape, 100 x 1000 cm


Abbie Cairns

Abbie Cairns is an artist and art educator based in Colchester. Cairns obtained her BA Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts in 2016 and MA Fine Art from University of Suffolk in 2018. In 2017 she graduated with a PCGE from University Centre Colchester.

Cairns’ art practice explores the use of text and site. Cairns often uses found text within her work and draws upon their texts original meaning to guide her work, drawing on our shared public language.

Cairns’ largely works with installation and strives to find text from our everyday lives which can resonate with each site on its own terms. By doing this she intends on engaging the audience and creating a dialectical relationship between the art and the audience and the art and the site.

Cairns’ practice takes a DIY approach, as such she uses materials which are often inexpensive and processes that are easily accessible.

Instagram: @abbiecairnsportfolio

Facebook: Abbie Makes Art