Charlotte Verirty, Seed Time 2018.jpg

Spring Lecture: Charlotte Verity

Thurs 4 April 2019 - 7.30pm at Firstsite

‘Observational drawing underlies every painting that I make. Looking and drawing, gazing and drawing – without prejudice, is like seeing something for the first time with the urgency of a last and final glance.’

Charlotte Verity is a painter who draws on the natural world for her motifs. The paintings arise from the immediate surroundings of her London garden and are painted on the spot, either outside or in the studio. Despite the fleeting nature of what she depicts the paintings develop slowly and have a suggestion of deep space and the wider world. 

Recent exhibitions include Purdy Hicks, London in 2016, The Garden Museum, London in 2018 and New Art Centre, Wiltshire in 2019.

Download the full transcript of the lecture here