A120 Ghost Tree, 1800 x 1700 cm


Arborgan, Acrylic, 90 x 70 cm


EMPTY ROOM, Neon, 120 x 80 cm


WHY, Idigbo, 68 figures 100 x 40 cm


Clive Wakeford

My art practice has been driven by me responding to personal experiences that I have encountered during life’s rich journey. These are stored in compartments within the subconscious sketchbook in my mind until a concealed catalyst transforms them into an inspirational concept for my conscious mind to translate into an artwork. This process has inspired me to produce unique public artworks including my signature landscape intervention ‘A120 Ghost Tree’.

As a passionate believer in the positive value that public artworks give to society my practice is increasingly devoted to this area and led me to create and manage the Colne and Constable galleries in Colchester Hospital.

I also formed and run Art in the Community a group for artists whose goal is to challenge the stigma and barriers that they face due to their mental health and wellbeing issues.

I have been involved in many community art activities and workshops working with councils and organisations.

My work utilises an extremely diverse range of media from traditional to digital signs, creating paintings to environmental installations.

I believe that the following principle is sacrosanct to sustaining true creativity:

‘Poets and painters have always had an equal licence in daring invention.’ (Horace)