Grayson Perry, Acrylic ink on watercolour paper, 90 x 70 cm


Richard Bawden, Acrylic ink on watercolour paper, 58 x 80 cm


Mural Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Malaga, 4 x 16 m


Mural Canovas del Castillo Malaga, 16 x 14 m


George Kowzan

I have worked in many different mediums and enjoy learning new techniques. My website shows a wide variety of art: pencil drawings; paintings in acrylic and ink; mixed media sculptures and lowrelief work; public art and large-scale murals.

I worked as a teacher of art and design in Jersey, Channel Islands before becoming a full-time artist when I moved to Spain.

Whilst living in Spain I developed my “word art” technique where I de-construct images and reconstruct them using words and/or other marks. This technique is particularly good for making portraits where I can achieve very good likenesses. The words can be a poem, song or any memorable prose relevant to the subject.

Each “pixel” is hand-painted, usually with acrylic paint or acrylic ink, either on canvas or watercolour paper. “Word art” can also be scaled up to make large murals. The largest I have made is in Málaga, measuring some 16 metres x 14 metres.

I have exhibited my work in numerous group and solo shows in UK, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Gibraltar and Taiwan.

I now live in Maldon and accept commissions to make portraits and murals.

Facebook: George Kowzan

07947 367 274