Gerald Fisher (d.1970s)

Two Residents, c.1970, Pen and ink on paper, 14 x 10 in

[CAS 38] Donated by Mrs Harding in 1981



Gerald Fisher was severely physically handicapped and spent most of his life at the Seven Rivers Cheshire Home in Great Bromley, Essex, where he began painting. He was a member of Colchester Art Society from 1964 to 1976 and regularly submitted works for the exhibitions which were always accepted. It was said at the time that “through his art he was reintegrated into the community and recreated himself.” His work appears every so often at auctions. There might be an example of his work in a monastery in either Sweden or Norway.


Gerald Fisher exhibited a series of Gouaches and Drawings at the Minories in July 1969 in what appears to be a solo exhibition. He also exhibited with the Colchester Art Society from 1967 to 1976 and had an exhibition sponsored by Mrs Harding of Great Bentley, Essex in 1981.

This compact monochromatic line drawing represents two residents of the Cheshire Home where he was himself a resident. With its distinct lines against the plain background it is almost reminiscent of the abstract drawings by Matisse and Picasso, through its inventiveness and precision of the subject. Although simple in appearance, it is powerful and says much about the world in which he evolved.

Selected Exhibitions

1969 (July) the Minories, Gouaches and Drawings

1967-1972 and 1975 Colchester Art Society Exhibitions

1976 Colchester Art Society winter exhibition (this work exhibited as No 107)

1981 Colchester Art Society exhibition sponsored by Mrs Harding of Great Bentley, Essex (this work exhibited)