Birch Wood, Screenprint on Silver Birch leaf paper, 29 x 39 cm


Summer Evening, Screenprint on Beech leaf paper, 26 x 21 cm


Snow Field, Screenprint on Field Maple leaf paper, 29 x 40 cm


End of the day, Screenprint on Beech leaf paper, 19 x 31 cm


Janet French

Janet French uses a variety of printmaking methods to explore her love of trees and the spiritual impact of light seen through trees. The images she creates are hand printed on to paper she creates using the leaves of the trees gathered from the local fields and woodlands on which her images are based. Each sheet of leaf paper is created with an image in mind which ultimately incorporates the individual characteristics of the leaves as an integral part of that image.

2006 BA (Hons) Art & Design – Fine Art at Colchester School of Art & Design.