Grasses, Monoprint and collage, 24 x 29 cm


Sienna and Black, Monoprint, 33 x 40 cm


Summer Sea, Gouache, 51 x 61 cm


From the Beach Hut, Gouache, 33 x 44 cm


Jean McNeil

My work has always been grounded in the observation of landscape and seascape, mainly in East Anglia. I am drawn to relatively featureless expanses, searching for patterns that organise land, vegetation, water, clouds. At first I would only observe and record, then I wanted more and more to recreate patterns that would suggest the natural events rather than depicting them literally. I now increasingly let go of the horizon and focus on forces such as gravity, growth and atmosphere.

I have usually worked in oils, acrylics or gouache, but recently experiments with monoprint and collage have introduced a more random element. I mainly work on paper, usually about 35 x 45 cm, most often in series, which can make finding titles difficult! I love drawing and painting in the open, but always go on to transform the work in the studio.