Roses, Oil, 10 x 8 in


Salthouse Marsh, Oil, 16 x 16 in


Evening Shoreline, Oil, 13 x 18 in


Thames Barrier, Oil, 13 x 16 in


Jennie Mace

Trained at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School as a medical scientist, microbiology. After leaving was accepted at Colchester Technical College Art school, tore the ligaments in my arm so had to leave after a year. Have attended courses with John Miller, Jeremy le Grice, David Mynett, Edmund Faifax Lucy and latterly Roger Dellar , Chris Forsey and Graham Webber.

My work is exhibited at Hayletts Gallery, Caxton Frinton and Hunter Gallery.

My paintings have sold in America, Germany, France, Arabia, New Zealand one going round the world on a yacht and one at the bottom of the Mediterranean.