Underwater Shadows, Acrylic, 30 x 30 cm


Morning Glory, Acrylic, 50 x 60 cm


Lagoa, Acrylic, 50 x 70 cm


Sword Play, Mixed media, 60 x 80 cm


Lupe Cunha

Lupe Cunha trained in Fine Art originally in Chicago USA where she learnt her love of the Abstract Expressionist. But she originates from Brazil although a British citizen living in the UK since 1981. Her love of colour comes from her tropical roots and her expressionistic painting style from her Latin temperament. But her love of photography - she was a professional photographer for over 20 years - and her long residence in this country provide the black&white moodiness to contrast with her more exuberant inclinations.

While for many years her work had mixed abstract and figurative, in 2017 she began an abstract Journey leading her to abandon completely the subject matter and embrace the freedom of pure Abstraction. A prolific painter, this new direction has resulted in a considerable body of work which continues to grow and diversify in the abstract vein.

Lupe Cunha lives with her husband in Sudbury where she has a home Studio but her main place of work is at Cuckoo Farm Studios where she has been a tenant artist since 2014 and where she run monthly Contemporary Painting classes.


Blog: www.lupecunha.com

Facebook: Lupe Cunha Art and Photography

Instagram: @lupecunha 

Cuckoo Farm Studios, Boxted Rd

Colchester, CO4 5HH


07847 384 084