It All Hinges on This, Acrylic and enamel on board, 20 x 20 cm


Geological Landscape, Mixed media on board, 240 x 100 cm


Metamorphic Blue, Oil on board, 16 x 90 cm


Metamorphic Red, Oil on board, 16 x 90 cm


Maddy Maller

Inspired by the power and colour of the natural world, I find it interesting to explore the opposing inextricable forces of order and chaos as, depending upon various cultural perspectives, they are together believed to make up the very existence of our universe.

My practice is about the fluidity of paint and colour and how they evolve with time. I experiment photographing different combinations and quantities of pigment to gain experience of what the paint surface will do in different situations. I ultimately aim to exploit in both an orderly and chaotic fashion, the natural viscosity of paint and the forms it creates under the influence of additional substances and extremities to witness the paintings naturally evolve. The importance of boundaries and residue upon the surface of the image is a metaphor for the natural order of life borne out of chaos.