Footpaths, Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 88 cm


Rising Fields, Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 88 cm


The Hill, Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 105 cm


The Valley, Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 105 cm


Peter Gaskin

I was born in London in 1938. I won a scholarship to Twickenham Secondary School of Art, studied there from 1951-54. Having no further art education I consider myself a self taught painter.

I have been included in group, touring and open exhibitions at the following: Royal Institute of Oil Painters, London; Arnolfini, Bristol; Third Eye Centre, Glasgow; Durham Light Infantry Museum; Orchard Gallery, Londonderry; Camden Art Centre, London; Westminster Cathedral, London; Eastern Open 1992 and 1993, King’s Lynn Art Centre; Kettle’s Yard Open, Cambridge, 1997 and 2008.

2001 to 2003 moved to current home in the Stour Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and built my current studio.

Living in the Stour Valley has been a strong influence on my work. However, that influence never supersedes an intense sense of ‘self’, and the overriding need to reconcile inner and outer worlds.

Ultimately the work I am making must chime with my psyche before reaching completion. The reality of the perceived landscape as seen, from any viewpoint, is of little consequence. What matters to me is the sense of being immersed in my experience of the countryside as a whole, and creating work that feels completely in tune with that experience.