Squirrelled Away, Pastel, 17 x 17 cm


Blue Poppy on Table, Oil on canvas, 40 x 55 cm


Walking Round Island II, Egg tempera on panel, 23 x 17 cm


Tiziana March, 10 x 15 cm


Rebecca Moss Guyver

I graduated from Stanford University in 1982 with a degree in painting and drawing.

I call myself a painter printmaker but I see myself as an explorer. I think, ‘what would happen if?’ and then I work through the possibility visually. There are some recurring themes in what I do and make, but I try to build on what I know - not repeat what I do. I like to work across media. At the moment these include: oil paint, egg tempera, pastel, charcoal, fused plastic, monotype. For the past five years I have been turning old books into sketchbooks. These are often thematic.

My fused plastic exploration began out of my mail art. I wanted to send something using plastic . Now I collect plastic found while walking and in daily life, then use an iron to fuse it, cut and fuse again, sometimes paint.

Last year as New English Art Club’s drawing scholar, I visited members in their studios and used those conversations to think about my own work and then to try things I’d learned. I developed my observational skills and trust my memory and imagination more. And if anything, I’m more curious now.


Instagram: @rebeccaguyverart

Facebook: @rebeccaguyverart

Nayland Farm, Mill Road

Ringshall, IP14 2LS

07500 949 369

01449 673 549