Here's Looking at You, Ink on Bristol Board, 24 x 32 cm


On the Line, Ink on Bristol Board, 24 x 32 cm


For the Solstice, Ink on Bristol Board, 24 x 32 cm


The Last Leaf, Ink on Bristol Board, 24 x 32 cm


Richard Good

Art was always at the forefront of Richard's mind and finally, after a career in interior design, he began his life as an artist in earnest by abandoning the rat race and moving to Tenerife in 2000. The dramatic island landscape, rocks, mountains and the surrounding ocean with its ever changing colour, the scale and the light exerted a profound influence on his work. The island’s ever changing surfaces, always surprising, inspired the meticulous fine pen and ink drawings, sculpting the surface of the paper, creating images of the organic surfaces of trees, water, rocks and sea. He progressed to acrylics with hauntingly evocative images; developing a unique technique carving away the surface of the canvas to create a weightlessness, by seeing the space beyond, the image is suspended in space. The sculptural and large format paintings keep the eye moving over the surface, discovering the unexpected, images within images, always changing and moving.