When the Wind Blows, Gouache and ink, 39 x 29 cm


Autumn Glow, Gouache and ink, 39 x 29 cm


Thoughts of Asia, Gouache and ink, 39 x 29 cm


Splash, Gouache and ink, 30 x 20 cm


Sandra Leyshon

My artwork has evolved over time, inspiration coming from a variety of different sources. These can range from the environment around me to historical and current events as well as a multitude of other sources.

I have had an exhibition at the Colchester library and numerous group exhibitions as well as for many years the Colchester Art Society.

My subjects can vary from Landscape to Portraiture , Still life to more whimsical and abstract work.

I work in a variety of media including Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylic and Pastel.