Bev's Swing, Pen and ink on paper, 17.4 x 24 cm


Nissen Hut, Pen and ink on paper, 36 x 24 cm


Sue Pownall

People, diverse cultures, and the natural world are recurring themes in Sue’s art. While realistic in nature, her work represents an interpretation of what Sue sees. Always present is a love of detail: objects, buildings, settings, and individuals that touch and move her. Sue’s art starts in the environment often with a sketchbook, not only to record what is seen, but also to collate an impression of time and place through the sights, sounds, and even weather. Sometimes she write notes on the place and collects ephemera, such as shells and leaflets, but often just looking at the sketch brings it all back in a way that photography does not. Sue portrays the essence of her surroundings primarily in pen and ink drawings. In a century full of colour and technology, Sue’s hand-drawn black and white work stands apart. However, colour enters into her work usually in the form of watercolours, but also through printmaking and acrylics. Usually she works on paper, but have been known to paint on walls, furniture, and myself. Finally, Sue is an urban sketcher, capturing anything and everything in her sketchbooks.